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Every Alien Audio bass is equipped with our proprietary BP2FX “Mo” Preamp with 3 Band EQ, Frequency Select and on-board Overdrive. 


  • Wide range of sounds from classic vintage to a more modern range of bass tonalities
  • Classic volume, tone and blend controls along with 3 band EQ
  • Push-pull tone control enables the player to switch between a more vintage, or enhanced Hi-Fi frequency curve
  • Push-pull volume control enables the player to engage the on-board overdrive

“The preamp circuit  in this instrument sounds like no other unit I have ever used. In the normal position (tone control down) the bass sounds mostly passive with no boost and is dead quiet. Add a little low end boost and this pre becomes a beast.”

Michael Hynes —
Session Bassist, Producer and Mastering Engineer Bass Frontiers Magazine, April 7, 2015


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