Alien Audio 4 and 5 String Basses
  • Manufactured from premium woods
  • Finishes by Southbound Custom, a leader in the field of musical instrument finishing and restoration.
  • Nordstrand custom wound pickups available in three configurations: Double P, PJ or Jazz
  • Alien Audio BP2-FX PreAmp with 3 band EQ and overdrive, designed for Chopper by the legendary Mo West
  • Hipshot Ultralight Tuners
  • Graphite reinforced necks with double-action adjustable truss rods
  • Frets precisely leveled using state-of-the-art computer controlled Plek machinery
Standard Specifications
Body Style
  • Double Cutaway Constellation
  • Single Cutaway Lunar
  • 4 String or 5 String
  • 34” (21 Fret) or 35” (22 Fret)
Colors and Finishes
  • Standard: Solid Colors, 3 Tone Sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Natural or Oil Finish
  • Premium: Metallic, Candy Colors, Swirl Finish
Body Materials
  • Standard: Alder, Swamp Ash, Mahogany, Poplar
  • Premium: Exotic Woods on Request
  • Premium: Configured Top Woods including Quilted Maple, Flame Maple, Birds Eye Maple, Spalted Maple, Burl Maple, Buckeye Burl
Neck Materials
  • Standard: Maple, Mahogany
  • Premium: Exotic Woods on Request
Fret Board Materials
  • Standard Material: Maple, Indian Rosewood, Pau Ferro
  • Premium Material: Pistachio, Ebony, Bloodwood, Cocobolo, Other Exotics on Request
Fret Board Inlays
  • Standard Inlays: Pearloid and Black Dot
  • Premium Inlays: Block
  • Standard: Nordstrand NP4, NP5 and Big Split Single Pickups
  • Premium: Per Customer Specification
Pickup Configurations
  • Double P, PJ or Jazz (2 Big Split Singles)

Precisely machined, hand assembled and artisan finished in Nashville, Tennessee